English-about hair

1、get in sb's hair 使某人厭煩

John is singing every night next door. He’s getting in my hair a lot recently.John每天晚上都在隔壁唱歌。他最近真的讓我很煩。

2、make one's hair stand on end令(某人)非常害怕

The horrible scream made my hair stand on end.那聲可怕的尖叫讓我非常害怕。

3、not a hair out of place 非常整潔/漂亮/好看

When she dresses up, she has not a hair out of place. 當她精心打扮之後,她看起來非常漂亮。

4、grey hair 白頭髮white hair 錯誤

He’s only 36 and starts to get some grey hairs.他只有36歲,但是已經有一些白頭髮了。

5、hairline 髮際線

receding hairline 漸退的髮際線

OMG!I’ve got a receding hairline. What am I gonna do?天吶!我的髮際線也來越高了。我該怎麼辦?

6、bald 禿頂的

John is in his 40s. He is overweight and bald. John四十多歲。比較胖,並且禿頂。

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