When I met you

When I met you .

You said hello!

I said sorry .my English is very poor.

you said you could understand everything what all I said.

I said I am a lame person.

you said you are my walking stick.

I said I am very old and very uglg.

you said I would always be your pretty girl.

I said I like to plant flavors and vegetables.

you said you will build a indoor garden for me to grow planting in all year.

I said I have a stray dog.

you said bring it with me,as long as you like I will.give it more love and home.

I said I dream of riding a motorcycle around world.

you just went to buy a red color I like.

I saw wasps working together to build their own neste from natural materials.

I said I wanted to build an environmentally friendly house by myself with earth and stones from the mountains.

you started sketching our house on your legs.

you ask me could I kiss you?

I said you""ll kiss me every day after we will be 80's yet.

you said waiting.......

you  are going to put your false teeth on the table .

kiss kiss kiss ..........

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