information technology

In what way do you use it ?
Why do you use it?
How has it changed people's daily lives?

Today's topic is very new , having something to do with Information technology.

I often search for Information for my project on the internet.

To be honest, I make use of Information technology in various ways.  For example, I read on the Internet , buy various things on the Internet ,  listening to music online , watching my favorite TV series online,    chatting with uh  different people through Wechat ,  sending and receiving documents through wechat or QQ.  Information technology makes my life  more convenient ,  much easier , colorful interesting.

What I really appreciate is that I do my writing every day online.  In this way Information technology really benefits me a lot.

Why I use Information technology  is that it is very convenient to do many, many things  as long as you have a smart phone at hand or a computer at home.

Up till now , I have been keeping in touch with my foreign friend in Britain through Wechat.  It would be unthinkable, unbelievable in the old days without Information technology.

What would be like if  there were not Information technology during the COVID- 19 isolation?

With Information technology ,  it's easier for people to communicate  instantly.  It's very easy for people to share a new Information,  new technology  new inventions.  Even in those poor or mountainous areas,  people there also can share the same materials without moving outside.

With Information technology , people from different areas and different backgrounds share the same , equal  opportunities ,  which enable they to develop greatly.

Personally speaking, I think Information technology is very beneficial to people's daily lives and to me I become more and more dependent on it.

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