Talk about the advantages of exercising regularly.

Talk about the advantages of exercising regularly.談談經常鍛鍊的好處。

    I am fond of doing sports.  I exercise regularly every week.

I do about four times weekly sports ,  playing ping pong with my colleagues.  I think exercising regularly is essential and important for me to stay healthy.

Besides , it is so good for me to get in shape,  which is a very important for women. In this way I can choose  a wide range of clothes-----beautiful and nice clothes.

Due to the aches in waist and  knees, it's not suitable for me to do running.

Playing ping pong  is a wise and appropriate choice to strength my immune system as well as reduce health problems.

Playing ping pong is beneficial and it can cheer me up  and thus relieve my tension.

Life is movement.  Keep this in mind and try your best to live a healthy life.

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