Does Southwest Airlines have a Business Class?

Flying with Southwest Airlines’Business Class can be confusing for many first time passengers Southwest. Southwest Airlines does not offer those luxurious business class and early class tickets. Instead, they have Business Select, which is just similar to Economy Plus, along with special perks. Let’s find out what perks do they get for flying. Businesses select Southwest Airlines reservations

Perks of Business Select Reservations

Business Select class for Southwest Airlines is similar to that of the regular Economy Plus on other airlines. Their tickets are the most expensive to purchase as compared to the other class tickets on Southwest Airlines. The benefits included in the Business Select class are:

  • Passengers have guaranteed to board on Aircraft A1-A15

  • Customers will also fly by lane access with full comfort

  • Passenger traveling with Business Select will be offered a free premium drink of their choice

  • Customers booking their tickets for Business Select can take advantage of 12 Rapid rewards for each dollar spent on the reservation

  • They have the privilege of refundable fares with Southwest Airlines reservations

  • Standby Travel is also permitted for the same city flights and with the original date of travel.

Does Southwest Airlines have First Class Seats?

Southwest Airlines is known for its cheap and affordable rates to travel. They specifically do not have any flights with First Class service but rather concentrate more on providing the perks to those who need it the most and select the service accordingly. Their high-end seats are not as you would expect in any Airline.

Usually, Business Select, which is the highest fare seat, is not a traditional Business Class but just an Economy Plus seat. On Southwest flights, all passengers sit together as a single Economy class with different seats according to their chosen class. Only the Business Select seats have the extra legroom to let the passengers travel comfortably. It is best to make Southwest Airlines booking if you wish to travel at cheaper rates for shorter distances. 

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