How do we tell a story in a detailed and vivid way?

Genre: Narrative
Theme:Personal experience
Tense:Generally past
Person:Third person
Time: one day
Place: In the class and in the office.
Characters: Li Dong and his teacher.
Beginning:  Li Dong played with a mobile phone in class.
Development: The teacher talked with little in the office.
Climax:  The teacher shared a story with li dong.
  Ending : Li Dong realized his mistake and sent his teacher.

One day Li Dong  was doing something playing a mobile phone in his class when his teacher saw all this later in the office, his teacher asked him what he used the mobile phone to do and why did he so Li Dong  said he didn't play with any mobile phone, which his teacher didn't expect. Faced with such a situation, his teacher was puzzled and kept silent for a while. Then he told a story to  Li Dong which moved him deeply.  Li Dong realized his teacher showed great concern for him. So he admitted his playing a mobile phone in his class and decided not to make similar mistakes anymore in future. In the end, Li Dong thanked his teachers for his help and kindness.

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