Spring Festival is not a season .It's a feeling.


  Spring Festival is an important tradition in China, it has unique meanings. However, people may understand it differently, including those from other cultures.

For people all over China, Spring Festival is an important occasion for the whole family to    get together  and have a nice time , chatting, eating, talking, laughing, and doing many activities.

  What people usually do is to make dumplings  together  ,  the whole family talking , laughing .  More exciting moment is to  eat dumplings, enjoying  the fruits of  our own labor.

One happy routine moment  is to enjoy the Spring Festival gala after dinner with the whole family, surrounded by various kinds of food,  fruits,  various snacks such as biscuits, candies, sugars, desserts  on the tea table .

Everyone is a cheerful  , merry and happy ,    but children are extremely happy in particular.

Dinner will be prepared, especially early the day before the Spring Festival.  As soon as children    finish  their dinner they will  have a bath  immediately.  They can't wait to put on new clothes and go around .

Adults know  children very well and will give them lucky money  wherever they see them.

Suddenly I am looking forward to the coming Spring Festival.

Suddenly I have a strong desire to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Suddenly I miss the Spring Festival very much.

I miss every Spring Festival.

Suddenly I look forward to New Year's Day.

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