Spring Festival in 2020 with COVID-19

Where and with whom did you spend the last Spring Festival?
What preparations did you make?
What activities did you do?
How do you feel about it?

What is the  last Spring Festival like?  For me, for most Chinese people, even people all over the world,  it is unbearable, it is unforgettable  and it is disastrous.  It is a  special and terrible Spring Festival with COVID-19 .

The moment the winter vocation began , seven days before the  Spring Festival , we started  cleaning the house and  doing  New Year shopping.    Always as soon as the house is cleaned thoroughly, I feel happy and cheerful. As usual, we prepared various local foods for New Year . 

On the New Year's Eve,  we put up  spring couplets , enjoyed a reunion dinner, gave  lucky money to kids , stay up late, enjoying the Spring Festival Gala.  It is a tradition in my own family for tens of years ,  which makes us feel safe, stable and harmonious.

Unluckily, what is a special    about the last Spring Festival is that we were kept at home because of COVID-19 . COVID-19  is really a nightmare for us.  We were prohibited from visiting our friends and relatives.

Married daughters were also forced to stop returning to their parents' homes.  This made me so sad and depressed.  I missed  my parents,  my hometown, the  famous delicious local food. I was feeling so sad that I drove secretly  for 300 Kilometers to my parents home,  but I didn't stay in for a night.

Well, how unforgettable , how special and how worrying the last Spring Festival is !

I hope  such a Spring Festival go away forever.

I don't want  such a  Spring Festival  any more.

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