Android 和 XMPP:目前可用的解決方案 [關閉] - Android and XMPP: Currently available solutions [closed]


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Which XMPP library would be the best choice nowadays for Android development?哪個 XMPP 庫是當今 Android 開發的最佳選擇?

  • I've been using the patched Smack library as is suggested in many other questions here in SO.我一直在使用修補過的 Smack 庫,正如 SO 中的許多其他問題中所建議的那樣。 However, that's a patched version of the Smack API from two years ago.但是,這是兩年前 Smack API 的修補版本。 And although it generally works well I'm exploring any other, more recent options.儘管它通常運行良好,但我正在探索任何其他更新的選項。

  • I've been looking at the official Smack API and after a little research, it seems it might work just fine nowadays (although I have not tried it yet in a real application).我一直在查看官方的 Smack API ,經過一些研究,現在它似乎可以正常工作(儘管我還沒有在實際應用程序中嘗試過)。

  • There's also another solution I came across, Beem's aSMACK library .我還遇到了另一個解決方案, Beem 的 aSMACK 庫 Beem is a fairly new XMPP client for android and from what I understand they are using their own patched version of aSMACK. Beem 是一個相當新的安卓 XMPP 客戶端,據我所知,他們使用的是他們自己的 aSMACK 補丁版本。

  • Finally, there's aSMACK but that too hasn't been updated for quite some time (as the site suggests).最後,還有aSMACK,但它也有很長一段時間沒有更新了(正如網站所建議的那樣)。

Do you have any other suggestions or can you explain why I should choose one of the above over the rest?您有任何其他建議,或者您能解釋一下爲什麼我應該選擇上述之一而不是其他建議嗎?


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