Taskkill /f 不會殺死進程 - Taskkill /f doesn't kill a process


When I start up an Experimental instance of VS from VS for debugging and stop debugging (sometimes directly from the parent VS), a zombile devenv.exe process remains running which I am unable to kill.當我從 VS 啓動一個 VS 的實驗實例以進行調試並停止調試(有時直接從父 VS 啓動)時,我無法殺死一個 zombile devenv.exe 進程仍在運行。 It holds on to many of my dlls.它保留了我的許多 dll。

As I am logged onto this 64bit Win7 machine as Administrator, I would expect to be able to kill any process I wish to.當我以管理員身份登錄到這臺 64 位 Win7 機器時,我希望能夠殺死我希望的任何進程。

I tried (from Administrator command prompt):

End Task from Task Manager.
TASKKILL /F /IM devenv.exe
PSKILL devenv.exe

None return any error and TASKKILL and PSKILL returned success messages of terminating/killing the process. None 返回任何錯誤, TASKKILLPSKILL返回終止/終止進程的成功消息。 But devenv.exe still runs, it is not re-spawned as the PID remains constant.但是 devenv.exe 仍然運行,它不會重新生成,因爲PID保持不變。 It goes away only on restart of the system which is not a great solution.它僅在系統重新啓動時消失,這不是一個很好的解決方案。

Note.筆記。 LockHunter shows devenv has got a lock on itself. LockHunter 顯示 devenv 已經鎖定了自己。 And it cannot unlock it.它無法解鎖它。

進程監視器顯示 devenv 處於某種“進程分析”循環中

The above screenshot is the output of Process Monitor showing devenv to be in some kind of 'Process Profiling' loop (Right click on it and click open image in new tab to see it properly).上面的屏幕截圖是 Process Monitor 的輸出,顯示 devenv 處於某種“Process Profiling”循環中(右鍵單擊它並單擊新選項卡中的打開圖像以正確查看它)。

Any ideas how to kill such a process on Windows?任何想法如何在 Windows 上終止這樣的進程?


參考一: https://en.stackoom.com/question/qZM3
參考二: https://stackoom.com/question/qZM3
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