Amazing Astrological Benefits of Panna Stone


As everybody knows, Emerald gemstone is recognized as purified stone. This gemstone is also known by its Hindi name called Panna. This stone has different names according to its origin and features. In India, Panna stone is most popular as compared to any other gemstone. Its vibrant green color gives a stunning look to this gemstone. In India, Emerald is commonly used in jewelry. The Planet Mercury is also seen as an astrological gem. It represents bravery, expectation, and knowledge, and is also known as a sign of affection and freedom. It is mostly a gemstone treatment and is considered to be the gemstone of Planet Mercury that appears differently. Panna Stone stores and supplies Mercury energies and Mercury can help you to get a benefit when you wear a Panna Stone on a ring form if Mercury is firmly placed in your horoscope.


Below I am sharing some of the most important features of this amazing gemstone. 


  • This gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury. The Mercury planet is also referred to as the Budh planet and that's why it is known as Budh Ratna. When you buy Panna stone online then you must examine your birth chart with an expert astrologer. Because he is the only person that can suggest something better for your life.

  • This Emerald is commonly referred to as Panna and Budh Ratna. That's why it is quite popular with this name. 

  • This Panna stone is of green color with a light green shade. 

  • When it comes to wearing a Panna stone then we always look for a perfect time to wear the stone. But in the case of emerald, Sunrise is considered as the best time to wear it. 

  • One more thing that we need to know is that what is a suitable day to wear this gemstone? Wednesday is recognized as the best day to wear this stone. If you do not have any idea about the weight you just need to wear then you need to ask your astrologer. In most common cases the 1/16 of the total weight of a human body is the best formula for this stone. If you are having 80kg weight then buy an emerald of 5-carat weight. 

  • The emerald is considered as the birthstone for the month of May. In other words, we can say people who were born in may month wear this gemstone. There is a certain zodiac sign for this stone. So if you have any of these zodiac signs then wear this stone.

  • The chemical composition of this mercury-ruled gemstone is Be3Al2(SiO3)6. So mainly it consists of beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. 

  • This gemstone is considered a highly precious gemstone from the Beryl mineral family. The cost of this gemstone is quite high as compared to any other gemstone. That's why this gemstone is more popular in other countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia. The reason behind the popularity of this gemstone in these countries is only one that is its looks. It looks amazing with a ring and pendant.

Benefits of The Panna Ratan

The astrological benefits of this Budh Ratna are as follows:

Emerald for Knowledge: As this gemstone is ruled by the mercury planet that means Budhi. This gemstone is directly connected to your knowledge of we can say the mind power you have. This gemstone is completely related to your intelligence power. If you want to score great in your academics exams then this gemstone can help you. It is also beneficial for professionals who are working in a research industry such as writer, designer, etc. It can enhance your scholarly power and can be helpful to pick up your knowledge. So if you are working in this industry or facing any problems regarding your academics then gemstone is the only solution that can help you to get over this.


Panna for Financial Benefits: Yes it is true. If you are a businessman and leading a business and facing any issue related to your financial goals and economical goals then Panna stone has different benefits for you. It will make the position of mercury in your horoscope thus you will feel positive towards your goal and that can raise your financial income. This Panna stone or Budh Ratna is best known as the symbol of success. If you are a self-owner then this will be the best gemstone for you with a lot of benefits. So if you want to touch the mountain of progress then one should wear this stone. This gemstone is best recommended for those who are a part of industry such as banking, advertising, traveling and many more related to finance.  


Panna for Health Benefits: Due to its appealing healing properties this Panna stone is exceptionally popular all over the world. This gemstone is best recommended for those who are having issues related to the stomach, kidney, heart, and brain. If you are still feeling any type of these issues then you must buy an emerald stone. This gemstone can be helpful in the treatment of skin-related issues, respiratory issues, and nervous system issues, and this stone is best recommended for pregnant ladies, as it can reduce the anxiety of a lady and labor pain.

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