Social criticism can be poured in various mediums, not only through song lyrics

SOCIAL CRITICISM is a form of assessment of ideas that have long been used as a means of communication towards a direction of social change. In this era, social criticism is often used to protest something that is considered not okay. 


The emergence of social criticism is motivated by certain reasons. Among other things, because of dissatisfaction with the reality of life which is considered inconsistent and the existence of violations that often occur in social life.


For this reason, the presence of social criticism is considered very important in society. 


In Soekanto's Dictionary of Sociology, it is explained that social criticism contains new ideas that aim to control the course of power or social systems. 


In addition, it can be used to encourage changes in social systems that are acceptable in society. 


Furthermore, social criticism can be expressed in various mediums. So, what are the mediums used in conveying social criticism? Check out the following explanation.


Criticism through song lyrics 


One medium of social criticism is through song lyrics. According to Eliot in a translated essay entitled Boundaries of Literary Criticism, lyrics are a collection of short poems divided into a stanza or stanza. From the poem, finally emerges an expression of the thoughts or sentiments of a poet. 


One of the music groups whose song lyrics contain social criticism is Voice of Baceprot .

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