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Offline version with full features of Online version and Free



PNETLab is a free platform
Lab Store   Lab Store is a place to share lab (online) with many people.
Device Store   Device Store allow you to get devices with only one click
IOS (Cisco, Juniper, Arista...)   Included in the lab when you download from the store (save your time for learning only).
Docker Integrated   Included in the devices tab button, just download and use. 
User's roles   Admin, User (depends on your definition)
Learning Center   Full Feature, check this link: Link
Lab Timer   Timer for Lab training.
Lab Task (workbook)   Add PDF or HTML workbook to the lab file.
Running Lab Management   User can run one more Lab, the running lab will appear in Running lab tab management.
Unlimited node per Lab   Unlimited node per lab. 
Wireshark Capture   Local and Docker Wireshark integrated.
Telnet   Local and HTML Console
Hot connections   Live Node interface connections
NAT Cloud   Integrated  PNETLab NAT Cloud
Multi startup configuration per lab   Multi startup configuration per lab. 
Custom Image template   Option custom image template
Link design feature   Option to change connection color, style
Rich integrated text editor   Rich HTML text editor for text and object management in the lab.
Admin user option to join in other user labs   Admin user can join the other user lab in the parallel session

Admin user option to open a parallel console session to other user nodes

  Admin user can open a parallel console session to other user nodes
Running labs and nodes management   Admin can manage other users running labs and nodes. Join or stop labs or nodes.
Info about HDD/labs use per user, User into web GUI   Information about user HDD resource use
Dark Mode   Switch Lab view mode to Dark or Light mode
3D Model   Switch Lab view to 3D Mode
Change the size of the node icon   Change the size of the node icon in the Lab.
Proxy Configuration   Proxy Configuration in PNETLab
Change the Label position   Change the label position in the lab
Manage RAM, CPU, HDD   Mange RAM, CPU, HDD for each Node, User, Lab
Limit RAM, CPU, HDD   Able to limit RAM, CPU, HDD for each User. If get over the threshold user will can't not open new Node or Lab
Beautiful Icons   Allow user to add more icons

 Step 01

Download the .ova file and deploy on virtualization platforms such as VirtualBox, VMWare,...


  • You must enable Virtualization to run Qemu Node.  
  • You have to make sure Virtualization is enabled in your BIOS
  • If Virtualization is not enabled you will meet this warning on the console screen: WARNING: neither Intel VT-x or AMD-V found

Step 02: Register and Login

  • Access to your box by a browser (through IP address in your PNETLab box - in my case, the IP address is:
  • Login by default account: root/pnet then complete the initial setup process. If you don't have any idea about any field just leave it default
  • After finish the initial setup, If you want to use Online Mode you need to check the connection to internet.
  • To check internet connection run commands: ping; ping, ping, ping
  • In case you can not ping to internet, please try:
    • Reset network adapter of virtualization platform (Vmware: Edit > Virtual network Editor > Restore Default)
    • Disable then enable virtual network card on your window (Vmware: vmnet 1 and vmnet 8)

Use only one virtualization platform (Vmware: uninstall virtualbox or hyper-v)


 You'll be linked to the Login form


There are two options, you can log in: Online and Offline mode (for more detail you can check this link:

Offline Mode: 

  • Don't need internet to work
  • Don't need to register. Login by default account: admin/pnet
  • Support full functions of PNETLab
  • You can only download and use Open Labs (The Labs with "Open" in the top) on the Store
  • You can not share or sell lab to the Store
  • Limit 10 accounts (Can be upgraded but require internet)

Online Mode

  • Need internet to work
  • Need to register.
  • Support full functions of PNETLab
  • You can download and use all Labs on the Store
  • You can share or sell lab to the Store
  • Limit 10 accounts (Can be upgraded)

If you select OFFLINE MODE: Just login by default account: admin/pnet then go to next steps.

  • If Select Online Mode: You need to create an account. Make sure your PNETLab can connect to internet.
  • If you still not have an account click on Sign Up.
  • Fill in the Sign In form and click Register. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address in 2-3 minutes. Click the Verify button to complete your registration.
  • Then click to Download button (Lab is included: lab file (unl),  and workbook)
  • Note: PNETLab does not provide IOS anymore so you can not see any Dependency packages. All nodes in the lab will not be able to start, to fix please refer: LINK


  • After completes download LAB (Lab file, IOS, and Workbook), click to Go to Lab button, then Lab will download to the folder: Your labs from PNETLab Store



  • Practice your lab: Open lab then Start all nodes


 Original link:

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