S2 - Lesson 50 - Taken for a ride



 Taken for a ride

I love travelling in the country, but I don't like losing my way.

I went on an excursion recently, but my trip took me longer than I excepted.

'I'm going to Woodford Green,' I said to the conductor as I got on the bus, 'but I don't know where it is.'

'I'll tell you where to get off,' answered the conductor.

I sat in the front of the bus to get a good view of the countryside.

After some time, the bus stopped. Looking round, I realized with a shock that I was the only passage left on the bus.

'You'll have to get off here,' the conductor said. 'This is as far as we go.'

'Is this Woodford Green?' I asked.

'Oh dear,' aside the conductor suddenly. 'I forget to put you off.'

'It doesn't matter,' I said, 'I'll get off here.'

'We're going back now.' said the conductor.

'Well, in that case, I prefer to stay on the bus,' I answered.


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