2023-03-20 Explore worlds

Take a walk through a beautiful, calming environment in your mind’s eye, whether a real place or fictional.

Allow that world to reveal itself to you gradually as you move through it.

Imagine you’re Neo, plugged in and creating your own sensory environment inside the ‘Matrix.’

Perhaps you’re flying through it like Superman, seeing mountains, lakes, weird creatures, and jungles reveal themselves through the mists.

This is not a natural thing to do. You will likely have an urge to quit and pull out your phone. Don’t do this. Stay in this world for a good ten minutes or more.

You might view this as a waste of time — as far too great a luxury — when you ‘should’ be busy doing other things.

I can assure you, doing this regularly will soothe your mind and expand your imagination in subtly powerful ways.

Maybe you’re walking around a pristine island in the middle of nowhere, and you come across an array of weird and wonderful plants and animals. You can smell sea salt, feel the wind on your face, and hear coconuts falling.

You might be walking through a bizarre abandoned metropolis full of coloured, glowing bouncing balls.

Allow these worlds to unfold slowly, rather than jumping from one to the next too quickly.

You can be as imaginative as you like. You’re performing your own inception on yourself here.

How far can you go?

Immerse yourself as far as you can go. You’ll notice time moving quickly with this exercise.

Benefits: Improved focus, creativity, and imaginative skill; calming.

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