S2 - Lesson 51 - Reward for virtual



 Reward for virtual

My friend, Hugh, has always been fat, but things got so bad recently that he decided to go on a diet.

He began his diet a week ago. 

First of all, he wrote a long list of all the foods which were forbidden.

The list contained most of the things Hugh loves: butter, potatoes, rice, beer, milk, chocolate and sweets.

Yesterday I paid him a visit.

I rang the bell and was not surprised to see that Hugh was still as fat as ever.

He led me into his room and hurriedly hid a large parcel under his desk.

It was obvious that he was very embarrassed.

When I asked him what he was doing, he smiled guiltily and then put the parcel on the desk.

He explained that his diet was so strict that he had to reward himself occasionally.

Then he showed me the contents of the parcel.

It contains five large bars of chocolate and three bags of sweets.


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