2021-10-14 Enjoy The Little Successes

You have to enjoy the process. You have to enjoy the feeling of moving the needle a tiny bit forward each time you work on your objectives. Even if you don’t make any progress. As long as you tried, that’s a win. You’ll try again next time and it will work out.

You cannot work forever without any positive feeling that what you are doing is useful.
If there are no milestones to help you realize the progress you are making in a particular area of your life, create artificial ones.

You should search for ways to deconstruct your objectives into milestones that slowly get harder and harder. And of course, you should celebrate somehow each time you reach one.

Remember that life isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. If you burn out, there is no progress anymore. The hard part is to find the balance between not working hard enough and working too hard.

By celebrating each artificial milestone you give yourself, you can pinpoint where this balance is for you.

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