2023-03-25 Sit With Your Silence

There’s something very natural about sitting in silence. It’s a return to a more
natural state of being.

Sometimes you have to sit with your silence for awhile before you have any
insights. While writing this paragraph (as with most things I write), I had no
idea what I was going to write. I sat in silence and waited for something to
come to me. This is the power of the unconscious mind at work.

You never know what’s in there until you quiet the conscious mind and simply
listen. That’s what it’s about. It’s about listening. I sit with my silence and listen for the next thing that wants to be written. I never know what it’s going to be.

The idea is to stay with your silence as long as you can, and continue returning to it as often as you can. It’s not about chasing perfection and then feeling bad when you realize you can’t catch it. It’s about returning to a place of refuge.

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