Explore change feed in Azure Cosmos DB

Explore change feed in Azure Cosmos DB

Reading change feed with a push model

There are two ways you can read from the change feed with a push model: Azure Functions Azure Cosmos DB triggers, and the change feed processor library.


Change feed processor

The change feed processor is part of the Azure Cosmos DB .NET V3 and Java V4 SDKs. It simplifies the process of reading the change feed and distributes the event processing across multiple consumers effectively.

There are four main components of implementing the change feed processor:

  1. The monitored container: The monitored container has the data from which the change feed is generated. Any inserts and updates to the monitored container are reflected in the change feed of the container.

  2. The lease container: The lease container acts as a state storage and coordinates processing the change feed across multiple workers. The lease container can be stored in the same account as the monitored container or in a separate account.

  3. The compute instance: A compute instance hosts the change feed processor to listen for changes. Depending on the platform, it could be represented by a VM, a kubernetes pod, an Azure App Service instance, an actual physical machine. It has a unique identifier referenced as the instance name throughout this article.

  4. The delegate: The delegate is the code that defines what you, the developer, want to do with each batch of changes that the change feed processor reads.


Question 21 of 50

You manage the deployment of an Azure Cosmos DB account.

You must define custom logic by using the .NET SDK change feed processor to process changes that the change feed reads.

You need to select the appropriate change feed processor component.

Which component should you use?






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