Android Studio :enable vt-x in your bios security,已經打開還是報錯的解決方法


For Windows 10:

First of all, install the intelhaxm-android.exe located in the folder SDK\extras\Intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager if it gives error during installation then try these solution.

  1. First all enable the virtualization from bios setting. To enable this, restart the computer, when the computer started then press Esc, then select the F2 if the manufacturer is dell.

  2. Even if you have enabled the Virtualization (VT) in BIOS settings, some antivirus options prevent HAXM installation.

    For example: In Avast antivirus under Settings (parameters) tab > Troubleshooting (depannage), you should uncheck "Enable Hardware-assisted Virtualization" ("activer l'assistance a la virtualisation").

    Now restart your computer and re-install the Intel's HAXM, which can be found under SDK\extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager. You can also manually download the standalone HAXM installer from Intel's website.

  3. Check that hyper-v is disabled. To disable it, go to the control panel then select the Programs --> Program and Features--> Turn windows Feature on or off (located on left side), then find the HYPER-V, uncheck the check box and restart the computer and try to install the hxm again.

  4. Go to properties of "This PC" by right clicking on it, then select the advanced system setting (located on left side) then in Advance (tab) under performance click the setting button, then select the Data Execution Prevention (tab), then select this option: "turn on the DEP for all programs and services except those I select" and restart the computer and try to install the hxm.

Solution 3 works for me.


如果已經打開了VT-X還是提醒enable vt-x in your bios security,你需要執行2步驟。


1.檢查BIOS中的設置確保打開CPU 的Virtualization

2.關閉Sercue Boot




bcdedit.exe/set {current} nx AlwaysOff

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